MetabolcWinterThe last year involved some enormous personal progress.  It’s been a difficult year in terms of time, but scientifically rewarding. There are many reasons people launch blogs. Some need attention. Others need authority. Then there are others that are bored.  Probably the most common are those that just want to make a contribution in an area that they are passionate about.  Health, fitness, and cooking are among the top blogs and there are many, often conflicting, opinions on the subject.  While people might “agree to disagree” there are many opinions that are just wrong.

This blog really started, because Tim insisted I put “something” up before our Nightline segment aired in 2010.  I had no idea what direction my research would take at that point and certainly no idea how this blog would unfold.

I have unintentionally held these wrong ideas frequently throughout my science career.  Sometime it’s due to lack of data, the inability to see the picture clearly, which causes us to make a  (wrong) educated guess.  Many times its simply a key element that is missing, or present that skews opinion one way or the other side of “correct.” More often than I care to admit, it’s because I blindly accepted something I read (ironically, just like you and this blog) and either didn’t care to verify what was said or I simply didn’t have the requisite background to see through the “trickery.”  Sometimes we are fooled, not merely by another author’s ignorance, but intentionally.

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