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kickstarter, Our Broken Plate, Skip a meal and your body will begin to hold onto fat. We should eat frequently to keep our metabolism up (ugh-I said this all the time). The most important meal of the day is breakfast. I’m not getting all sciency today. I will ramble a bit.  We’ll talk at a much higher level. There’s been a lot of reductionism in nutrition and metabolism and it is spreading fast. While the internet has provided unprecedented access to information, it’s also allowed a lot of science babble to infiltrate every subject and diet has to be the gold medal champion. Everyone eats so Read Full Article →

MetabolcWinterThe last year left enormous personal progress.  It’s been a difficult year in terms of time, but scientifically rewarding. There are many reasons people launch blogs. Some need attention. Others need authority. Then there are others that are bored.  Probably the most common are those that just want to make a contribution in an area that find passionate.  Health, fitness, and cooking are among the top blogs and there are many, often conflicting, opinions on the subject.  While people might “agree to disagree,” there are many opinions that are just wrong.

This blog really started, because Tim Ferriss insisted I put “something” Read Full Article →

Thermal Loading and The Matrix. How does Weight Less and Weight Loss collide with Cold?In the eye opening scene of the Matrix, Neo learns from Morpheus that Humans had developed “machines” that possessed an artificial intelligence so advanced, they’d taking over. Humans were farmed in vast systems and spare brain processing power and heat were used to power this advanced, computer-based world.

Energy was a commodity farmed and Humans the crop used to produce this excess energy as heat. Could it be that you are leaving a major contributor to caloric out when you focus only on diet and exercise?

The Matrix is  without doubt, one of my favorite movies. To top it off, Read Full Article →

BAT, Brown Adipose Tissue, Thermal diet and weight lossWe learned in Part 1 that not only do human infants start out with more fat than any other species, a higher percentage is brown adipose tissue (BAT). Women, in general have more than men and as Humans age, BAT seems to dwindle. It’s likely if you have ever been obese, you have less BAT then your skinny friends.Custom gummibåt

I have dozens of papers here on BAT. My interest with BAT began after Tim and I discussed it at length and started exchanging ideas and data. Honestly, I came to my conclusions from the complete opposite (but complimentary) approach – it was much more of a 30,000 ft level view on the subject. Read Full Article →

measuring and recording your progress is the only way to push through weight loss stagnation.If you want to progress, you must  measure. It’s true people win the lottery every now and then.  More often than winning the lottery, people get struck by lightning. The rest of us have to do something to see results. My observations are that  success is absolutely tied to measuring.  It can be predictive, suggestive, or sometimes compulsive, but I truly believe the more often one writes something down, the more likely it is they will succeed. Read Full Article →

Losing weight is on top of everyone's New Year's Even Resolutions, but what are you going to DO about it?Each year losing weight or getting fit creeps into the top ten list of New Year’s resolutions and each year we get fatter as a nation and a world. Even though we spent more than $46 billion in 2009 on diet and exercise, it seems we aren’t making progress; let’s face it we EXCEL at fat. Read Full Article →