As we wind down this journey, I hope you can clearly see the problem with the very simplistic “molecular biology” approach to our biological systems. More than one time during the last two TEDMED events I heard that this approach is dead. The idea that we can use a reductionist attitude to manage one hormone or one macronutrient and have widespread impact has failed repeatedly.

Sugar and oil (not foods, but refined energy) will probably end up being the exception as I think simple sugars and oils.

We now know that there are a “symphony of reactions” that happen in our body and it is far more likely that we’ll understand the state equation (i.e. telling time vs how the watch works)  and learn to manage these, before we actually understand each individual problem. The solution, I believe, will come down to a simple relationship. Nature seems to always be simplistically beautiful in design.

I’ve put forth a solid case for ignoring “protein, carbohydrates and fat” when designing a meal.

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