defiant healthAs I sat on my back porch early one morning in October, 2008, there was no way for me to realize how this crazy moment would completely change my life.  Over the next weekend, I attended a meeting in Philadelphia and on the last night proclaimed to a friend that I was about to do the most odd experiment in my life.  I wanted to get to the bottom of “metabolism” and “burning calories.”  I wanted to understand why it seemed so difficult to lose a couple of pounds in a week and yet I could easily GAIN a couple in a weekend.

So on the first day of this self experiment, I was sitting on a cold morning in shorts with no shoes, shirt, gloves, or hat.  I wondered what was it like to be cold? I wanted to see how far I could go.  That morning it was 33F/0.5C and the following week (an unseasonable chill for the area) it ranged from 32F/0C-41F/5C. So many things about all of this were fortuitous and not planned.  My goal that day was simple question:

Why do I get cold and what causes me to reach the point where I must seek warmth?

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