Just a single cup of coffee makes a difference. Thanks for your support of thermogenex!I can assure you that your donation will be spent on coffee while I READ papers or journal articles themselves.  It’s been an amazing adventure and I know there is a lot more to learn.  Please let me know how I can help and also take the time to fill out the data sheets.  Between this data AND your support through comments, questions, or just a cup of coffee, we can build a community that will make a significant scientific contribution in time.

I really appreciate your support!


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  1. Gregory Hutson says:


    I appreciate the time and effort you put into the site and hooking us all up with the free guide! Wish I could contribute more meaningfully, but hope the $10 helps the cause.

    Greg Hutson

  2. Martin Vargas says:

    Ray, a little token of appreciation sent your way.

    Thanks so much!

    As a photographer always on the road it’s hard to exercise, eat well and be fit. With the 4HB and your ideas and insights of body thermodynamics I think I’m off to a new me, a fresh (and cold) start!

    Do keep me on the loop, if you need a guinea-pig I could also be game.

    Take care!


    • admin says:


      I’ve traveled a lot as well. You are right that extra calories are everywhere – especially on the road. I’ve developed the habit of cranking the room temperature down. 1) cost me nothing 2) nobody to annoy.

      As well, I’ve tried to do a little more cold exposure on trips. It’s amazing how frequently I come back weighing less than when I left. The bay-area has GREAT weather for thermal loading.


  3. Delann Sherrod says:

    Hope that $15 can still buy a couple of cups of coffee. I really appreciate reading your thoughts and ideas on how to speed up the AGGRAVATING process of losing weight. I am now 10 pounds down since Jan 1. Wish it was more but I will take it. When you are 5’0 tall woman it seems like it takes twice as long and twice as much effort as it does the average man trying to lose weight. Anyway, thanks again for all the ideas and keep them coming!!

    • admin says:

      Thanks delann!

      Very generous and I believe the more you vocalize it and the more people you bring into to the solution, the faster it will go. I suceeded and failed Manu times. For me, this extra boost made it permanent (so far!!)

      Let me know how I can help.


  4. Martin Vargas says:

    Delann, it’s a long walk to ideal weight but well worth it. Better to walk and enjoy the view than to run and miss all the fun.

    Keep it up! I know I will and I’m very happy and energized!

  5. Curtis Kastner says:


    May you and the coffee gods use my $10 token of appreciation well. Thanks for all your research and hard work.


  6. Casey says:

    I appreciate your approach, your openness, and the science. 🙂

  7. Wendy Purser says:

    OK, this is my commitment to my first 40 lbs. and opening the door to my office all day tomorrow for cooling…going to the mountains next week where my favorite grocery store and health food store are and cooler environment without this humidity. Maybe I’ll pick up a battery for my scales as well….I’ll check back in a week or so. Wonderfully put together PDF. I may never eat another oreo cookie as I sure don’t want to walk up 27 stories …at this time.

  8. Perry Dumlao says:

    Keep up the great work. I hope to contribute a success story sometime soon!

  9. Terrie says:

    Hello Ray, its taken me a couple of weeks to read through your blogs, I just wanted to again say thanks for the huge amount of work you do. I sent an email to you but not sure if you received that. ( sent a week or so ago )
    Enjoy the cups of coffee, looking forward to reading more in the future and hopefully I can lose some weight along the way. ( Had my first partially cold shower, It made me wince LOL)

  10. Camron Sabour says:

    Hi Ray,

    I’ve been taking cold showers 2x a day for months and for the first time I had a six pack this past summer… I moved and somehow lost the habit. I tried a cold shower and suddenly I realized that I didn’t have the motivation to stick with it again…

    Should I forget about cold showers and instead do cold walks?

    Thanks for your work!


  11. chandra says:

    Happy to contribute towards your work! Will continue to support!

  12. sean dacey says:


    Incredible work, thank you very much for all your research and personal testing.

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