Mitochondrial AnarchyHe’s back.  Well, actually I never went anywhere, but It’s been a few months since I added to the blog.  In the mean time hundreds of pounds were lost by people I worked with directly, an invited commentary was submitted to a journal, and I have performed dozens of calorimetry, blood sugar, and food experiments.  Sometimes it’s necessary to isolate from all the bias and do the boring thinking part.  It’s far easier to hype, but at the root of all innovations is a break from status quo.  Like trucks drafting on the highway, it’s quite easy to get sucked into the popular dogma to avoid slamming into the guardrails.

My mentor in innovation, aviation rebel Burt Rutan, says you have to have “confidence in nonsense” to innovate.  That doesn’t mean that every nonsensical idea represents brilliance, but there is a certain break with the masses that occurs with each innovation.  In addition to crazy ideas (we can find a lot of those out there), one must measure carefully and that is the boring part, but I LOVE it. I also like old books, because they give one a much more grounded view of how our current ideas evolved and sometimes it’s easier to see the forks in the road that lead to the current (obviously wrong) idea about eating by stepping back and working your way through it.  If you love history and musty, stained books, then it’s really a joy to do it.

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