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ABC News Nightline host Cynthia McFadden talks about 4-hour body, Tim Ferriss and Ray Cronise unique take on cold weight lossIt was interesting to watch the reports Tuesday evening on ABC World News and Nightline.  I know that sensation sells and people just can’t help the low hanging fruit of crazy cold.  The truth is, I was rarely “cold” when losing weight, because I adapted to cooler temperatures, not cold. I wrote about Wim Hof in a previous Read Full Article →

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Normal people do not have this [boost in metabolism], because they are simply not trained. Shivering is a pathetic response.”

Now that is an interesting response to a question about being packed in ice for an hour and forty-five minutes. When I first started to study the human thermoregulatory system, I found many links on the internet to the “Iceman. Read Full Article →