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gloves before sweater make you look better - how sleeping chilled can thin your thighs. Over the last 6 months, we’ve spent a lot of time on macronutrients and food. I believe (and can prove) the common protein-carbohydrate-fat speak paradigm is broken. These macromolecules are all well understood scientifically, and yet conceptually, real food doesn’t come in simple little packages; macronutrient density/percentage varies from food to food. Even when we attempt to cluster foods together with the these labels, it doesn’t capture the dynamic and interchange of the overriding, metabolic rules and microbiome influence.

Generally speaking, the more refined one or more macronutrients in a “foodstuff,” the more unhealthy ingestion becomes. Take natural “sugar” for example: remove all of the fiber and other less digestible material to create highly concentrated forms of energy and one ends up with a whole host of metabolic interruptions. The same goes for fat – be it olive oil or lard. I will come back to this in much more detail in the future. Protein, the seemingly magic cure all for everything, is no different. The same is true for alcohol – the forth energy source, although most people have a reasonably good handle on at least this one macronutrient or know when it’s being taken in excess.

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