Carbohydrate, proteins and fat are all metabolized to fuel the body. Nasa Scientist Ray Cronise believes that this can be used to create excess thermal losing. As we discussed in the last post, I want you to suspend all that you know about carbohydrates, proteins, and fat. I want you to clear notions of glycemic index and eating for blood type.  I’m asking you to not have conclusions about our paleolithic ancestors. No, let’s talk about the very basics of energy in our body, but check the Chakras at the door.

Today we’ll take a rather geeky-side step. We are going to talk about energy, oxidation, and heat (not temperature).  These are all things that we can see, measure, and repeat. Let’s reserve comments to questions and clarifications – I don’t want a similar scheme from someone else.  I am confident that what I am saying is true – to the best of our current understanding.

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