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I’m not much of a swimmer, but I want to be.  In 2011 it is a major personal fitness goal to try to swim more frequently. The interesting irony is that I was in the pool and spa industry for about a decade and yet I wasn’t ever a swimmer. Most are not; in fact, health and fitness isn’t very common in the industry at all.  There seems to be more focus on fountains than fitness.

It’s the first day  of summer here the the Northern Hemisphere…to all of the readers in the Southern part of the world, you are Read Full Article →

The Four Hour Body is an exciting new chapter in self-experimentation and unprecedented resultsSo what’s all the hype with The 4-Hour Body about? I think this book has the chance to revolutionize the way we look at diet and fitness; in short it’s taking the control away from the $46 billion diet and fitness industry and putting it back in your hands.


Simple: self-experimentation and information. In 2009, I attended TEDMED Read Full Article →