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7 M&Ms a are all it takes takes to gain 50 lbs in 20 years. Former Nasa scientist Ray Cronise thinks he can help with Thermal LodingIt was hard to believe when I scratched out the arithmetic on my weight gain in a notebook.  It was 50 lbs over 20 years.  It seems like a lot, but when we think about this in a more scientific light, what’s quite astonishing is that I didn’t gain MORE.

If you did gain more, then let me give you a little reassurance that you’re not the only one.  Today we will start delving into the other side of thermodynamics to give you a more complete picture of my research over the last three years.

As most of you know by now, especially those who have reached out with data and emails, my life and study does not center on some malevolent plan to make you miserably “freeze your ass off.” Read Full Article →

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Normal people do not have this [boost in metabolism], because they are simply not trained. Shivering is a pathetic response.”

Now that is an interesting response to a question about being packed in ice for an hour and forty-five minutes. When I first started to study the human thermoregulatory system, I found many links on the internet to the “Iceman. Read Full Article →