chains of energy. Carbohydrates, protein, fat are all the building blocks of energy. The picture says it all. We are going to talk about chains, not of steel, but of the basic energy that keeps your body going and makes you fat.  I hope it is a new beginning, a bridge to a new way of thinking. Once you understand how the body processes food, it’ll take away mystery and magic.

The reality is actually far more simple than all of the crazy schemes you’ve followed in the past; the beauty is every one of them can be easily explained – with no contradictions.

The beginning of the story actually starts at the end. It is an interesting circle. You are here primarily because you have fat to lose.  That fat is stored, in the form of Triacylglycerols (fancy term don’t worry about it) in the adipose cells.  These “fat cells” are a place where this high-energy is stored for “later use.” As we learned last week, our problem is that later never comes before we return to the gas station. You know the rest of the story.

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