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As we discussed in the last post, I want you to suspend all that you know about carbohydrates, proteins, and fat. I want you to clear notions of glycemic index and eating for blood type.  I’m asking you to not have conclusions about our paleolithic ancestors. No, let’s talk about the very basics of energy in our body, but check the Chakras at the door.

Today we’ll take a rather geeky-side step. We are going to talk about energy, oxidation, and heat (not temperature).  These are all things that we can see, measure, and repeat. Let’s reserve comments to questions and clarifications Read Full Article →

Proteins, carbs, and fats are your body's fuel. Indiscriminate trips back to the tank can lead to obesity. IN Tim Ferriss' Four Hour Body, Scientist Ray Cronise teaches how you can use thermal loading to lose weight   It’s been a crazy couple of months of travel, research, and writing for me, but I’ve learned some incredible new things. Over the last three years of personal transformation, an amazing clarity of overall energy balance of Human metabolism has emerged. T S Eliot wrote in the Gidding:

“We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.”

I believe I have arrived where I started and I’ve never known it better. One of the difficulties in discussing a more unified approach Read Full Article →

Thermal Loading and The Matrix. How does Weight Less and Weight Loss collide with Cold?In the eye opening scene of the Matrix, Neo learns from Morpheus that Humans had developed “machines” that possessed an artificial intelligence so advanced, they’d taking over. Humans were farmed in vast systems and spare brain processing power and heat were used to power this advanced, computer-based world.

Energy was a commodity farmed and Humans the crop used to produce this excess energy as heat. Could it be that you are leaving a major contributor to caloric out when you focus only on diet and exercise?

The Matrix is  without doubt, one of my favorite movies. To top it off, Read Full Article →

Personal perspectives are always plagued with some set of bias.  For example, there are those that look at the great Egyptian pyramids as incredible acts of engineering prowess and still others that see the same building as representing a society that built with diminishing ambition (psssst, a joke). There is always an absurd way to categorize things and any time you base a theory, concept, or idea on a false premise, eventually that idea will crumble.

People can sell “snake oil” for a while, but eventually it will catch up with them and the facts (not opinions, perceptions, or feelings) Read Full Article →

I’m not much of a swimmer, but I want to be.  In 2011 it is a major personal fitness goal to try to swim more frequently. The interesting irony is that I was in the pool and spa industry for about a decade and yet I wasn’t ever a swimmer. Most are not; in fact, health and fitness isn’t very common in the industry at all.  There seems to be more focus on fountains than fitness.

It’s the first day  of summer here the the Northern Hemisphere…to all of the readers in the Southern part of the world, you are Read Full Article →

Scott Parazynski Repairs damaged Solar panel on the International Space StationThe last few weeks have been an unbelievable adventure. Sorry to leave you hanging on calories, but we’ll get back to that soon.  The days have been full of travel ranging from an amazing party hosted by Tim Ferriss in San Francisco to hanging out with Wim Hof (aka iceman) and good friend Astronaut, Scott Parazynski.  It’s an honor to interact with all of these incredible minds and we are all starting to see a real momentum in the power of the chill.

My home state (and city) were also hit hard by a the tornados and on a brighter Read Full Article →

7 M&Ms a are all it takes takes to gain 50 lbs in 20 years. Former Nasa scientist Ray Cronise thinks he can help with Thermal LodingIt was hard to believe when I scratched out the arithmetic on my weight gain in a notebook.  It was 50 lbs over 20 years.  It seems like a lot, but when we think about this in a more scientific light, what’s quite astonishing is that I didn’t gain MORE.

If you did gain more, then let me give you a little reassurance that you’re not the only one.  Today we will start delving into the other side of thermodynamics to give you a more complete picture of my research over the last three years.

As most of you know by now, especially those who have reached out with data and emails, my life and study does not center on some malevolent plan to make you miserably “freeze your ass off.” Read Full Article →

Does infrared sauna burn more than cold exposure?Last week, one of our site members posted a comment to Ch-Ch-Changes about the benefits of heat and cold in losing weight. I think that 36 months ago I would have completely agreed with his comments; now I am not so sure. With his permission, I turned this dialog into a post, because I think there is widespread confusion on our thermoregulatory system and its effect on metabolic rate.

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changing your temperature slowly will help with thermal diet and thermal loadingWe’ve just had an unseasonably warm week in my hometown. That’s not completely true, it happens this way nearly every year.  A week or two of cold and then suddenly, it’s warm.

For the last two years, I’ve been studying people and their reaction to the environment around them. Not with loads of data and analysis, but the more reflective, subjective type of observation.

The one take away is that most don’t realize just how adaptable the human body can be – if allowed. Read Full Article →

BAT, Brown Adipose Tissue, Thermal diet and weight lossWe learned in Part 1 that not only do human infants start out with more fat than any other species, a higher percentage is brown adipose tissue (BAT). Women, in general have more than men and as Humans age, BAT seems to dwindle. It’s likely if you have ever been obese, you have less BAT then your skinny friends.Custom gummibåt

I have dozens of papers here on BAT. My interest with BAT began after Tim and I discussed it at length and started exchanging ideas and data. Honestly, I came to my conclusions from the complete opposite (but complimentary) approach – it was much more of a 30,000 ft level view on the subject. Read Full Article →