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cold exposure and weight loss... do we put on more fat for insulation in the winter?I fly a lot and on my recent trip to California, the fasten seat belt sign came on and within a few minutes, the plane ride became bumpy. The Captain announced over the intercom that he was going to asked the (uniformed) flight attendants to stop service until things cleared up. The sign went off a while later and peanuts, pretzels, and drinks were flowing (I resisted the urge). It happened more than once on this particular trip. Read Full Article →

With just two fingers you can prove how easy it is to adapt to cooler temperatures and lose weightIt’s a simple test to demonstrate that your body doesn’t require a perfect temperature to be comfortable, it has a range of temperatures that are comfortable.  Part of our amazing evolutionary survival is the ability to adapt. Not all adaptation happens genetically, it can be driven intellectually as well.

Changing the temperature of the environment around you is one of great examples. Read Full Article →

Losing weight is on top of everyone's New Year's Even Resolutions, but what are you going to DO about it?Each year losing weight or getting fit creeps into the top ten list of New Year’s resolutions and each year we get fatter as a nation and a world. Even though we spent more than $46 billion in 2009 on diet and exercise, it seems we aren’t making progress; let’s face it we EXCEL at fat. Read Full Article →

ABC News Nightline host Cynthia McFadden talks about 4-hour body, Tim Ferriss and Ray Cronise unique take on cold weight lossIt was interesting to watch the reports Tuesday evening on ABC World News and Nightline.  I know that sensation sells and people just can’t help the low hanging fruit of crazy cold.  The truth is, I was rarely “cold” when losing weight, because I adapted to cooler temperatures, not cold. I wrote about Wim Hof in a previous Read Full Article →